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If you're a pilot, a frequent flyer or aviation enthusiast, you are aware that the direction of takeoff and landing changes depending on the weather conditions. Aircraft always take off and land against the wind, as this helps increase the airspeed and reduces the required runway length. This is why it's important to have accurate runway direction forecasts for major airports, which can help pilots plan their flights and avoid potential delays.

The forecast shows the departure direction for aircraft for the next five days. To do so, click on the airport of your choice.

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You would like to know whether there will be aircraft noise from takeoffs or landings at your place of residence on a certain day? The higher the display points in the direction of 100 (takeoff direction east) or -100 (takeoff direction west), the higher the probability that the aircraft will take off in the corresponding direction (landing direction or approach direction reversed).

The forecasts are updated hourly.

The forecast for the takeoff and landing direction can also be used very well for planespotting.

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